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Manali(Himachal Pradesh)

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Understand Manali

Manali is a city in the Kullu Valley of India.

Manali, at the northern end of the Kullu Valley in Himachal Pradesh, is a hill station situated at a height of 2050m (6398 ft) in the Himalayas. Situated on the Beas river (Vyaas in Hindi) and near its source, it is a popular tourist spot for Indians in summer and a magical, snow-covered place in winter. A staging point for a number of treks (Beas Kund, Chandrakhani Pass) and sports such as white-water rafting, Manali is also on the road to Ladakh via the valley of Lahaul and Spiti and rohtang pass which is main attraction near Manali

Rohtang Pass

Rohtang pass at an altitude of 3979m (13,050 ft) above sea level, is another adventure tourist site where it can be cold even on a summer day. It is the highest point on the Manali-Keylong road and provides a wide panoramic view of mountains rising far above clouds, which is truly breath taking. Close by is a small lake called Dassaur Lake. Beas Kund, the source of river Beas, is also nearby. In winter, the road of Rothang Pass is closed. Important to note that the road to Rohtang Pass is closed off at Manali bridge, on all Tuesdays 09:00-18:00 for carrying out road widening work and repairs. If you are able to leave early, before 09:00, you can avoid the traffic rush (found on all other days) and have Rohtang Pass to your self (well almost!!). Flip side is to be prepared for stoppages (extending up to a few hours) on the return trip as the road is blocked off where repair works are progressed. If you are driving up, be prepared for the rough broken roads at many places, sheer blind turns and tight hairpin bends, which can be exhilarating depending on the state of your nerves. If you are hiring a vehicle then better rent a four wheel drive vehicle from Manali. Some times the local people along with police does not allow the non-four wheel drive vehicles from going beyond Snow-Point(a place 16km before Rohtang Pass)and force to hire their own 4x4 vehicle at exorbitant prices which can be up to ?1,500-2,000 per person. This happens in the winter times when there is heavy snow fall. The tours organized by HPTDC does not go up to Rohtang pass and terminate at Snow-Point. Shared taxis are also available. Rohtang Pass can also be accessed on foot, if there are stoppages beyond Snow-Point. However, it is a strenuous climb and also needs a good guide to show the short cut routes to the Pass. Beas Kund, an igloo shaped temple, on top has a spring which is the origin of River Beas.

  • Jogini Falls
  • About 2 km Trek from Vashisth Temple. Going to the top of the falls would need a guide and quite a bit of trekking, but if you wish you could just keep asking for directions from Vashishth temple and reach the first level of the falls.

  • Solang Valley
  • Solang Valley popularly known as Snow Point, is 13 km northwest of Manali and famous for its 300-meter ski lift. The Ski Lift ticket is Rs. 500 per head for a trip both ways. It is a picturesque spot and offers splendid views of glaciers and the snow-capped mountains. Solang valley also offers attractions like paragliding, snorkeling etc. Jagatsukh the former capital of Manali, is also an important spot.

  • Jagatsukh
  • Jagatsukh, the former capital of Manali, has a few nice temples done in Shikhara style. You can visit them while travelling to Naggar.

  • Rahala Waterfalls
  • About 16 km from Manali at the start of the climb to the Rohtang Pass, are the beautiful Rahalla Falls at an altitude of 2,501 m.

  • Rozy Falls
  • On the way to Rohtang amazing water fall worth seeing. this water fall looks amazing between the high hills.

  • Monasteries
  • Manali is known for its shiny gompas or Buddhist monasteries. It is maintained by donations from the local community and by sale of hand-woven carpets in the temple workshop.

  • Old Manali
  • At a distance of 3 km northwest of Manali is Old Manali, famous for its orchards and old guesthouses. Calm and serene surroundings coupled with the sound of Beas river is a very peaceful experience. There is ruined fort here by the name of Manaligarh. There is also the Manu Maharishi Temple, dedicated to sage Manu.

  • Gauri Shankar Temple
  • Gauri Shankar Temple at DASHAL village(700 mtrs. from Sarsai )on the main left bank Kullu Manali Highway.It is a 12th century protected monument.Also see lush green apple orchards,play with water stream out there There are some interesting temples of Tibetan Buddhist lineages located between old and new Manali.

  • Naggar Castle
  • The Castle, Roerich House and Art gallery are places to see. Moonlight dinner on the balcony of Hotel Castle restaurant is worth experiencing, with the lovely sight of twinkling lights below in the Beas valley. Bijli Mahadev temple, about 20 kms from Naggar, is also worth visiting.

  • Krishna Temple at Thava
  • Ask for directions to this temple from Naggar Castle and do a small trek of half an hour through dense pine and deodar forest to reach the beautiful Krishna Temple. With hardly any tourists around, this place is magical.

  • Zana Falls
  • Zana Falls 15 Kms from Naggar and 35 Kms from Manali, at Zana Village, beautiful Water Fall is worth visiting. The valley provides amazing views. There is one water fall on the road side and two other water falls which are not much explored by tourists and are amazing. Moreover Traditional Himachali food is available here at small hut like shops.

  • Beautiful Log Hut Area and Club house
  • In fact both these places especially log hut area have some good hotels to stay.

  • The Manali Gompa
  • Manali Gompa was built in 1960. It is one of the most important places for Buddhists. Buddhists come to this place from Ladakh, Tibet, Spiti, Lahul and Kinnaur. Manali Gompa is world famous for a large statue of Buddha and for its wall paintings.

  • Kothi
  • Kothi is located at the bottom of Rohatang Pass. It is a beautiful and photographic village where tourists can capture different thrilling views of the deep gorge through which the Beas swiftly runs. This is an amazing place to experience the natural beauty of high altitude mountain.

  • Nehru Kund
  • Nehru Kund is located at the distance of around 6 km from Manali. It is one of the natural springs of natural water in India. Nehru Kund is named after the late Prime Minister Jawar Lal Nehru. Nehru used to drink water from this Kund, while his journey to Manali. Nehru Kund is on the Manali-Keylong road, about 6 kms from Manali. It is understood that a landslide has wiped out this spring.

  • Enfieldpoint
  • Old manali.

To Do

Hot natural Sulphur water bath at Kalath(6.5 Km downstream),Vashisht village (3 Km upstream) or Manikaran.Get your photos clicked with either rabbits or yaks (near the Hidimba Temple). It will cost about 10-20 rupees (0.5$) for a single photo.One can also enjoy paddle boating in a fun park near Hidimba temple.River rafting, skiing, zorbing, trekking, snow scootering, and river crossing. One of the best adventure companies is the High Himalayan Adventure, based in Vashisht village. River rafting is closed during the monsoon season, typically around August 15 to Sept 15. Check the dates if you are interested in doing this.

  • Paragliding
  • A word of caution. Many pilots of these parachutes are un-trained and obtain licences in the usual way any licence is obtained in India. Many a tourist visit the Lady Willingdon Mission Hospital with broken bones, sometimes protruding out, and often alive, after accidents. Some paragliders crash into innocent bystanders who end up with spinal injuries (information added by a surgeon who worked at the mentioned hospital. These victims are often treated at the hospital. Serious and complicated cases with heavy blood loss are stabilised to the extent possible and refered to either Chandigarh or Shimla. Some sadly don't make it. Blood availability is very very limited in this hilly area. www.manalihospital.com). Paragliding is quite popular in Manali, especially in the peak season. The scene is located at Solang Valley. There are multiple levels, starting from the basic 1 minute flying for Rs. 450 (the most common), progressing to a more fun 5 minute flight for Rs. 1500. But the ultimate is the half an hour flight for Rs. 2500, for which they take you up almost halfway to rohtang, and bring you back to solang all the way by paragliding. In such a long flight, wind plays a big role, and sometimes it is not possible to fly all the way to solang, something to keep in mind while going for it. Generally, later in the day you go for it, better are the chances you will do the whole flight.The trip to Hospital, though, may cost you much more than just money!

  • Trekking
  • Himalayan Caravan Adventure
  • Offer you an array of adventures from off-beat safaris, less-known but more-interesting trekking paths,rock climbing, canyoning, white water rafting, paragliding, skiing and snowboarding etc. Our services are extremely personalized and customized to suit your traveling style and NFA (Need for Adventure).

  • Deo Tibba Base Camp Trek
  • This trek is a technical trekking trail in Manali. This trek is a famous trek among the experience climbers. This trek gives a magnificent view of Deo.

  • Friendship peak Trekking
  • This is one of the majestic mountains in the beautiful valley of Kullu. This mountain is situated at around 5289 meters above the sea level. Best way to go for this trek is from Beas Kund and Dhundi.

  • Hampta Pass Trek
  • This trek is one of the most famous trekking trails in the Manali region. This trek is suitable for those who have some prior trekking experience and are reasonably fit. This trek is passes through forests.